In the Spotlight: Dedicated Teams | Lower Volume Moves


Every organization can benefit from a well-structured talent management program which attracts, develops, and retains top performers. Many of our clients who move five to 50 people have unique goals and needs. Paul La Terra, Vice President of Client Development, who oversees and leads the SelectMoves sales team, provides his perspective on this group.

Tell me about these programs and how they are different from other corporate accounts?

Paul: SelectMoves is a dedicated team that specializes in working directly with a client that moves between five and 50 employees annually. These clients usually have a very specific objective in terms of their mobility needs, for example, to move an executive leader abroad. They also tend to be at a different stage of the mobility strategy. In other words, we work with them to demonstrate that mobility encompasses the entire employee cycle from attaining, to developing, and retaining key talent.

Most of our clients are growing internationally, and it is likely that they are outsourcing services for the first time. In addition, they don’t always have a person who solely manages their talent mobility programs, so we have a unique opportunity to guide our clients as they develop their mobility programs and offer them solutions that will fit their organization’s needs.  Many times, compared with clients with more mature mobility programs, we have the opportunity to work with their Human Resources function directly. This offers a closer view of their processes and allows us to sit down with them to discuss the best solution for them and their employees, and facilitate catered policy development and implementation.

Many of the programs move VIP and Executive level professionals. How does BGRS support this group?

Paul: Many of the organizations we partner with – both large and small businesses – are selective in the talent they send on assignment and appreciate our expertise in managing these from start to finish. As a result, we move many executive level professionals. We have developed an internal VIP team that is made up of a select group of individuals across departments that have greater experience and deep knowledge over the entire move process.  We understand the importance of a seamless execution in these situations, and are able to tailor our services to meet their unique needs. This way we can anticipate and proactively avoid challenges, and in the event that something unavoidable happens during the relocation, we can swiftly resolve the issue.

How do BGRS’s SelectMoves’ services differ from other Relocation Management Companies?

Paul: BGRS makes it a priority to talk to someone in advance of an RFP so that we can put forward the best solution for that organization based on their unique needs. Furthermore, we want to ensure there is a cultural match between our two companies. It is important to us that we provide the best response, one that actually answers the challenges the company faces.

The SelectMoves team has individuals dedicated to policy consulting and implementation, and they get involved with the client even during the sales process. This allows BGRS to understand the goals and objectives of our clients. We use that information seamlessly  during the implementation. As a result, we can avoid redundancies and deliver a more efficient and fluid process.

What is your favorite part of serving this client base?

Paul: Many times our team has the opportunity to work with clients who are nurturing a new program. We’re in a unique position of helping people grow their programs and sometimes, their own knowledge, which is really rewarding. We are a very involved sales group, and I’ve enjoyed getting clients to a point where they are happy and doing the right thing for their employees. The consultative aspect of our role is incomparable. We listen to a client’s concerns and goals, and then offer a solution that allows them achieve their goals and shows them the strategic value of partnering with BGRS.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the people. The SelectMoves team is passionate about finding the right solutions for the clients we service, which creates a natural excitement day to day.

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